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I am a national level competitive body builder and very proud to be sponsored by BODYQUEST. Dave, his staff, and I have the same goals and views on Health and Fitness. The BODYQUEST store sells fitness equipment, but their concern for the customer does not stop there. They want the customer to achieve total wellness and fitness beyond the sale.

I am a personal trainer, and my concern for my clients goes well beyond selling training sessions. I care for the mental and physical health of my clients, even when I am not physically with them. This being said, it is easy to see why I am proud to be associated with the team at BODYQUEST and have been for the past 10 years!

Karen Geninatti
National Leve Competitive Bodybuilder
Sponsored by BODYQUEST
ACE Certified personal Trainer

I have been with BodyQuest for many years, as I own a small gym, and I can honestly say the price, service and the “After The Sale” support is outstanding!!!! I have and will always buy all of my equipment from Dave at BodyQuest. Great Job and keep up the hard work!!!

T.C. & Erin Roesch
Roesch’s Gym
I have been a client of the body quest store since David Utinske took ownership, The thing I like the best about the BODYQUEST Store is that I don't always have to buy equipment when I stop in there. Instead I gain enormous amounts of knowledge on exercise and nutrition. These guy's study everyday and help with programs, such as childhood obesity programs. There hearts are truly in the right place when it comes to helping others achieve there goals.
Thanks David, Jim and Rich for always being there for me.

Dr. Terence L. Pencek, MD, PH.D

The Body Quest Store is great! Dave and the staff make sure I get the best deals possible on my equipment, and they are always available on the spot if I ever need support. They stand behind everything they sell. They've been a great help to me and my business. I would strongly recommend The Body Quest Store to anyone looking for any kind of fitness equipment!

Tom Fisher
Owner: Studio West Fitness, Springfield, IL
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